Airstream trailer renovation is unlike any other renovation project

The instantly recognizable exterior design, curved interior walls, interesting aluminum structure, tank layout and all appliances smaller than their residential equivalents, make working on an Airstream trailer like no other renovation experience. We’ve been through all the mistakes of re-designing one of these classics, so let us help you avoid all of that by sharing our expertise and experience on your Airstream project.

While learning every inch of our vintage Airstream trailer, we discovered a true passion for them! We want to share that with others and show just what is possible with these iconic trailers. Discovering the challenges (and excitement!) of Airstream renovation and restoration can be very rewarding.

Airstream renovation is specifically what we do.

For a job as specific as this, you want professionals with experience and dedication.

We are not regular contractors. In fact, Airstream renovation is all we do. Airstream travel trailers, since their inception in 1936, have been unique among travellers and now, increasingly among those favouring them for use as tiny homes. Airstream is synonymous with luxury and quality and it has always been steps above the competition. Now, with custom renovations you can go even further and have exactly what you’ve dreamed about.

Entire overhauls, custom renovations or even smaller jobs and consulting - we offer very reasonable rates and are happy to advise and help.

If you have a look or idea in mind, we can work with you each step of the way to ensure that your vision is brought to life. If a backseat approach is more your style, let us provide the layout and make suggestions for you.

Do you have a beaten, weathered old Airstream that has been sitting for decades? Let us take a look at it before sending it to the scrap yard.

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